Thank You

The Real You

This is a word, a phrase and a rat race. We say Thank you forever and never mean it to its fullest extent. Because the other person knows that deep down we aren’t. We’re animals and survivors, so fuck you and your thank you, I’m only saying it so that you leave me alone. See this type of consciousness? Its a rabid one. Its a fiery one and it’ll burn you down to pieces.

You start to look inside and ask why do I say thank you, when I don’t really mean it? Why do I keep saying hey there neighbour, pleasant to meet you. Its a good morning isn’t it? When there’s turmoil running inside your mind. We like to keep up with appearances.

We like to keep bold and follow philosophies and socities until we find peace inside of your own hear. You hear from the air, like the bird hat goes tweet tweet. What does it all mean mean?

Thanking me isnt going to change me, althought you might assume it mifht, but it aint. It only deepens our bond if you mean it and you never will. Herein lies the end of all games. The game that’s unbeatable.

photo credit: _MG_3865 via photopin (license)



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