The day your daughter dies

The day you die, the day your daughter dies. The day you choose to be nothing, your children see that as a data point and a conclusion. Your children shy away from you or gravitate deeper into your sadness. Its true of families and true of businesses. When your baby dies of no-results, and no money-in, you die. When you die, your baby dies. The relationship between who you are and what you create is tightly bound, and is sometimes cyclical. Like a God and his subjects. There are multiple ways of looking at this.

You can draw some light towards it, and draw some champagne to celebrate it. When we die, we should celebrate. Some cultures do, while others don’t have much to say for the dead. Dead silent – as people say. Death or the day of coming. Same for failed ideas, same for failures. When we fail, we need to celebrate. Its the only way to be accepting of failure.

Well covered, and well watched – is what we are and what we become. We become a hundred things, to un-die ourselves. When we try to find the thing that we enjoy doing, and the thing that we like to do in life – we un-die. We start to live again. We breath into ourselves, and we relish every moment we spend with our daughters, and our creations.



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