The Theoretical Origin of the Universe

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Where did we come from? Why did we go here to this universe? Where are we riding towards? If the answer is anything but nowhere, your intuition is guiding you elsewhere for entertainment.

What if we are all entertainers, that are entertaining each other through the most ridiculous attempts to sort through each other and each thing. We label, we eye, we ear, and we think. We are all players in a world that is a stage. But the idea is that the stage is the player itself.

Imagine if everything was God. A greater intelligence created us, therefore his characteristics are either bigger than or exactly similar to every characteristic that you can see, think, or hear. After all, you can’t have a single thought that is beyond what you experience or what was given to you in the first place. A mother can be smarter than her child, but not vice versa. So therefore, if we assume that God has certain characteristics, experiences, thoughts, or a brain that is bigger than ours and that he deliberately left out some of his “great” thoughts out of our minds, then we are a part of Him. Imagine that your brain is split in two and the left hemisphere is replicated and created as a new individual. That new individual lacks any creative thought, because his left hemisphere is solely rational. Now, we are God (with a whole brain) and our creation is a person (with half a brain). Therefore, the creation is a part of the God. By being a part of God, he is God. Because we as human beings feel great pride in our accomplishments and great guilt in our defeats. But we fail to recognize that defeat is as much a part of us as pride is. Therefore we selectively focus only on pride and try to ignore defeat. BUT defeat is us. Just like we (broken children of His) are Him. We are Him, by being a part of him. A snake’s tail is the snake, and not just a singular event called “tail”.

Now that we;ve established that we could be all God. Let’s look at the Big Bang. From one single-point, we all came out. BAAANG. Now if we trace our Orgin to one single point, then where did the point come from? What is the ultimate single point of origin of the big bang and the origin of everything that came out of it? Nobody will know and nobody can claim to know. But we can guess.

Let’s guess the reason why the universe was created. Because from the motivation of the creator, we can probably guess the characteristics of the creator. Now, life is undulation. Ups and downs. We see things, and experience experiences even when we dream. We are a collection of memories that we sometimes make up, and we love to play around and do what we feel. We are or could be in a simulation.

Now what if we created the game, as God and lost ourselves as multiple atoms and molecules and are playing with ourselves as multiple images of God himself. We disintegrated ourselves into multiple bits of data from one point of God. Why? For fun! For entertainment.

But will this entertainment last forever? – No. Because that would be madness. It will have an end – most probably.

Ergo, the origin of the universe could be simply entertainment (good, bad, anger, fun, romance, comedy, play). But why are we so confident in this?

Well everywhere there is mystery. Mystery and adventure. Adventure outside the mind and into it.

We now have the technology to create a new universe inside of ourselves – virutaly. What if I gave you goggles, skin, ear phones, and connected you to a biological graft that implanted itself as you in a whole new virtual universe. Some say that we’re only 100 years away from that happening. You know what happens then? – A virtual Big BANG.

A big bang that starts a new universe, because we;re bored of this one. We’re tired of the same ol same ol, and we want something new. Every human will be able to play multiple games inside of one experience. Imagine that.

So what I’m saying is that what if the universe had a creator, which had a creator, which had a creator and so on and so forth. You see the stupidity behind that? – Its like a manager, on top of a manger.

So therefore, our thoughts and expressions could also just be limited to this game that we’ve created. Our desire to find the truth has also been implanted within us since birth. Our desire to run from the truth also has been implanted, as well as our desire to chase cars and hot girls. We’re all programmed from the creator who we can’t see, meet, or talk to. What if we’re simply talking to ourselves. We feel, we burn and we know that this experience is completely pointless. So therefore the creator did this on purpose, and made us helpless. A great game indeed!

Now, what is the purpose of this game if not for entertainment and fun? – Even a scary movie is entertainment and fun. The troubling question is rape. How does a philosopher justify this state of thinking (God is playing a game) and still justify the gang-rape of a million women throughout history. Its simple. It can’t. It stops there. God is now doing horrible acts of violence to itself. But you see, how would you know what peace is, if there was no violence. Therefore rape and no-rape is created in this universe. Violence with no-violence. Therefore, it is a choice. We can create or destroy. And rape is in most animal cultures, potentially in micro-organism as well. God is really having a show with himself and herself. This idea can’t justify rape, but it explains that God has a violent history. Sometimes society wins against, other times rape wins against society. Its a ying/yang. Moment you realize that, you realize that we have choices and options, and in the moment of anger and power, we do things that we don’t regret. Like murder, pillage, and rape. But other times, we win. We create a society that is good and wins all the time. Until we get bored. If the world was filled with rape, then rape would become like breathing. That also will get boring and offensive, and people would commit suicides. Especially women. Ergo a balance. As twisted as it sounds. That is the characteristic of the creator. But if the creator is doing this to himself or herself, then the idea that the creator is playing – makes sense. I dare not justify any actions of the creator- because that would make it right. But what I’m trying to do is prepare a theory of everything.


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