Thinking about spirituality, but not really feeling it

Dream Feed

The problem is commoner than white bread. The problem isnt a problem of the heart or the mind, its a problem of trying to unlock a car while its alarm keeps going off every 5 seconds. A damned proposition from the beginning, like a hunting ground that’s tried everything to continue breeding dying animals. It keeps the game interesting. Isn’t that nice? We call animals that we hunt, game.

Its a wicked idea that you dont feel an idea, and hence it only stays an idea in the mind and in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty, the beauty and the only beauty is only in the subconsscious mind (however you spell it). Isn’t that also interesting? You have a mind that can store everything in the universe and yet forgets how to spell words. What a funny thing.

You love stories and you love the way you feel when youre in the shoes of the protagonist. The lead hero. But isnt that your brain just lying to you. Are you just a lying rapist that pillages all of new york, looking for the next big thrill in the busy streets of the parkway?

Well then who are you, and why dont you feel these words? you see them in your mind, and yet you cant believe the madness that conceives of what happens next. Feeling something and understanding it are intertwined, like a river, and a bedrock. Its one and the same thing if youre looking at it from above, and the bedrock is the one holding on to itself, while the river flows gently above it. A gentle push in the direction of the unknown and the gentle tug at the heart of the universe, makes you extremely aware of your sense,a and your perceptions of who you really are.

Now why dont you really know what you want? Two reasons. Thinking and feeling. Why cant you think and feel at the saint time?

Holding back seems ridiculous and yet it seems like the most daring thing in the whole unverse. Ever since typing became slower than speaking and recording, it seems like we’re only LOLing on a ROFLing universe. The universe laughing at us, almost with a sense of mystery and joy. Ha ha! Like the one they call God can ever solve your problems.

Why cant I feel what I think? Why cant I feel a spiritual idea? Because, my dear, it only takes the element of surprise away from itself, when it is truly unique. When its bored of itself, it is annoying to a degree of being scared of its own capacity.

Means that I can’t make you feel something. It is only you that feels it inside. If it doesnt feel right, then walk away and dont turn back, and if it does then come on in. I have a lot more where that came from.



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