What is time?

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Time is an artificial construct created to benefit man and his machine. It is only a device that depicts where you’re going and where you should be. It should be in the now, that you see everything and not in the future and past.

You take turns breaking the rules of time, by being naughty or nice, and hence father time gets a great laugh at your expense. Look at you mortals, he would say. Fearing the very thing that binds them, knowing fully well that they don’t have any control over it. Look at the men that prance about in their hunger and learn from mountains and trees – that birds and bees don’t sing until their time has come. Everything has a certain time and place. Every tree branches outwards, and every branch oceans into a river. All ashes to ashes, when their time is truly up. So then, where is it that the most amount of benefit comes to society in general, when it comes to time? It comes in the now. And in this now, lies the universe, the rivers, the stream of consciousness that we fondly refer to as Maya, and also with it its greatest mortal enemy – the drug abuse of choice – India and its concurrent ranges of time abandoned love affairs with its colonial dictators and its wives in the HinduKush. Where did that time sappear ( the opposite of dissapear)? Where is that love which conquished (conqured and vanquished) all and conquered none. Where is that time and that love affair that felt itself in a longely night, and touched its very heart and soul into a bundle of puddled nothingness. A thingyness is defined by time. The Space-Time Continuum, the scientists would say. But AHA! Where is this space time continuum? Its knee deep in the now. And in the now, we have discovered cures, bicycles, miracles and tricycles. What fun and joy in the now! What fun indeed. Where do our emperors lie now ? – dead. Where do our preachers life now? – no-dead. Nowhere to be seen and nothing to be sound. No sound and no matter. No matter, no time. No time, is no freedom; because everyone is bound by time – until thrust in them a sound that resonates ever soo calmly – yelling watch our emperor and our soldiers! A country’s call, and a time be-fall. An independance we celebrate to mark a time, but in the end the freedom from it we desire the monst (most and ghost). Where and why do we fall inside our own mind palace and we create fallacies in our own minds


There is no time, no time is no money. No money is no fallacies. No fallacies is no wishponds. No wishbones no wished doors. No wished doors, no desire. No desire = all the time in the world.

No desires = All time all with you. You’re up next. Your decision. Do you want time, do you want space? Be by yourself or with others in haste?


photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc



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