Should you trust your instincts?

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Yes. Trust them. Listen to all thoughts that enter your mind. Some of them will be there for entertainment, while others will become insightful to you and your field of interest. But almost always, follow your instincts. But see, a murderer or even a rapists follows his instincts to kill and rape. And a priest can’t help but go against his instincts and molest little boys. Instinct is something that can guide you right and wrong, and can make you do horrendous things – like become a rapist or become a terrorist. A terrorist has extreme silence in his mind when he kills something, when he’s following his instincts. Footballers need their instincts to score goals. We call it a “killer instinct”.

But see, there is (in the end) a doubt that always comes when we think about instinct. That’s why we ‘doubt our instincts’. Here’s the deal folks. Your instinct will guide you where YOU want it to go. If you decide that you would like to rape and explore murder, your instincts will pick up instances where your chances are maximized. If you decide to become a cricketer for India, your instincts will sharpen enough to catch fly balls and to swing the bat at the perfect time. If you want to become an artist, your instincts will reflect what you want to paint.

Here’s the thing. We like to follow our instincts. But what we don’t realize is that our instincts follow us as well. Its a mutual relationship that is decided by us. But we get confused and flummoxed when our conscious mind is constantly bombarded with doubts and fears. Our instinct sometimes can focus completely on fear and other times focus on growth and rejuvenation. It is up to us to pick an adventure. We can either choose to instantly snap out of a fear-funk, or fall in love with fear. We can actually learn a lot about humans through fear, in which case our instincts become all about fear and analysis of fear. That’s when our instinct says – “Go deeper into fear. Get sad. Get depressed.” That’s our decision. We can snap out of it if we choose, but we sometimes prefer to go into fear out of interest or out of displeasure with the current level of stimulation.

So finally – ‘Should we trust our instincts?’

The answer is no, when your don’t want to. The answer is yes, when you want to. Other times, someone else (nature or your subconscious) makes these decisions for you. So no point in thinking about the topic of instinct.

Hopefully, Iv liberated you of this topic now.



photo credit: Goat Yoga via photopin (license)



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