The Ultimate Debate – Happiness V/S Peace Of Mind

Happiness Meaning of life

What is the better option? Should we keep chasing happiness or go for bliss instead? I’d say both or neither – but then you’d call me wrong. And then my answer would be – “You pick one and see if it works for you”. But I’m a lot more interested in they Why. The reason “why” you ask this question is either A) You see peace of mind (in which case bliss is what you seek ultimately) or B) You want the meaning of life (or a purpose) or C) You want a better life for yourself

For A) You seek bliss, which comes after you give up the hunt for happiness and the desire to cling to sorrow and ego. You get bliss when you understand that you know nothing and everything at the same time. That is bliss.

For B) If you want the meaning of life – Visit my article here. Its quite extensive and you’ll figure it out  – Meaning Of Life

C) For those that want a better life for themselves, you are seeking the wrong question. The question should be Why. Why do I seek happiness or a better life for myself? What about others? Is my happiness dependant on other people? Is happiness only a chemical? Quite often you’ll be asked these questions by your mind, to which you respond – If I find the secret to happiness, I’d have to apply it to animals, flowers, ants, and bees. Because I’m a part of nature as much as they are, and therefore any rule that applies to me must apply to them too. But ofcourse, my brain is much more complex than theirs it – However, you are living within the same confines of existence – eat, sleep, defend, repeat. See a dog, and you have very different personas but intrinsically you are the same. Then should be see the animal kingdom and copy them? Then will we become happy? Possibly, yes. But you won’t be able to find patterns of happiness beyond the arbitrary. When a puppy sees her mother, she becomes happy. When a spider kills its prey – it “supposedly” becomes happy. See the problem? Not all creatures express happiness outwardly – for us to measure. So we’re stuck again.

Let’s dig deep inside ourselves. Dig deep into what makes us happy. Life? Love? Women? Sex? Jungles? What is it? Can it be everything in the world? Can everything in the world give us happiness? More or less – yes. If we label something as sad or scarry (like jumping off a plane or being depressed), it can give us a lot happiness if our brain labels it in a different way (skydiving off a plan or studying depression). The same stimuli gives us both happiness and sadness. Now ofcourse, we don’t want too much happiness in life – otherwise we would be on cocaine and heroine seeking happiness and love everywhere.

You know what? Figuring out what makes you happy is tough. Too tough for my procrastinating brain. Let’s just drop it. Because the steps to figuring out what makes me happy is making me extremely stressed and unhappy (exactly the opposite of what I seek). I’d rather say – I don’t know and give it up completely. Random things make me happy, and sometimes structured things make me happy. Stimulation makes me happy, sometimes lack of it. Who knows?

Now we’re here. We’re at this junction where we don’t know what makes us happy and we need to figure it out, or let it go. If we let it go, we may become sad, or bored forever. But imagine if we finally find it out – if we finally figure out what makes us happy – we’d be millionaires in both money and life. We would make happier products, we would become happier friends and we would begin with happier existences. We would be happy! But ofcourse, there’s the question of “the other people”. The other people drag us down and make us sad and depressed. We would have to listen to their troubles and their problems and they would just drag us down. And another question is that – if my friend’s parents pass away, I wouldn’t be happy. I’d be sad. If I were happy or even in bliss – my friend would be offended. Ergo, that’s it!

You no longer desire to be happy 24/7. There are many instances where you need to be sad, or will naturally feel sad. You will be it. You will become lost and then you’ll find yourself. Happiness is not the final answer. There is more. There is the sadness that is enjoyable, as in a sad movie or a sad song. There is in the end – bliss and no bliss. Its a fluctuation. When you want to stick to happiness, you get “no bliss”. When you let go – you get bliss. That is all.

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