The underlying reason why jokes are funny

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Jokes point out the silly rules of the game, with which one is participating. Be it Seinfeld or Louis CK, comedians are always nit-picking at the silly things in life – that happen to them on a daily basis – and point out all the things logically wrong with them. And hearing this we laugh.

But why do we have this inner need to laugh at silly and irrational things? We have jokes on Hitler, politicians, God, and even things that minorities do. We like to look at the silliness of a structure and realize that it is ony a game. And this is the end all of life.

We see silly rules and we realize that its a silly game. We have a great laugh and in that moment, we realize something greater than ourselves. Something that we have known somewhere deep down inside of us – that life is meaningless, and humour is there to remind us of that everyday.

When life has no meaning, it is simply a game for us to enjoy in. No pain deep enough, and no happiness loud enough to make us get trapped inside our minds – if we have humour by ourside.

When we finally realize that life is a game, it is then that we try to escape it. But what we dont realize is that every game is meant to have a start and an end – otherwise it would be boring. And hence, do what you may – you may speed up escape or delay it, but eventually you’re going home to where you came from – which is nothingness and nowhere. You see, for things to truly make sense in the universe (and all regions beyond it) – there must be nothingness, and since we haven’t vanished yet, there must be something else that we need to learn in order to become nothing. Humour is our helping hand here.

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