Beginning to Understand Yourself

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How does it happen all of a sudden? You start on a journey inwards that ultimately leads outwards. You start researching, thinking, watching Youtube videos to explain why you have these doubts about life and what its all about. When we grow up, we finally break myth #1, which is that our parents know everything. When we’re kids, our parents are our greatest assets. We rely on them for everything. Once we have greater questions of being and thinking, our parents can’t answer our questions.

Mommy, why am I here? Why did you give me life? Why do poor people die everyday?

There is no response to this, that satisfies everything adequately. Your kids will always be in doubt. Such is life. Your own self is questioning-self. Your child might kill itself. That is the fear of every parent. How will a parent handle the responsibility of not being able to be responsible for their child.

Now imagine the possibility of the lights going out on us. Death. What happens after death? No one knows and possibly no one will ever know. Until we find a technology that will show us the way. Therefore, every certainty is a certainty. There is no finale’. there is no sure-shot in the universe. Now why is that? Why is it that for practical reasons – we jump to conclusions, but in reality – it changes.

Where do we start to understand ourselves? Where do we begin to even start? What is the definition of the self? What is it? The self is defined as your consciousness, or your experience. What you see, hear, taste, think, feel, etc. etc. So do you stop being yourself when you die? No. You’re still you. We say “its his corpse, or his dead body”. People are even thought about and immortalized, after they die. So this is the mystery then, how to define yourself? If your own self is the person/thing that wants to survive and look out for itself, then I present a suicide-bomber, or even an addict. Both of these categories look for their own demise for either present happiness (addicts) or future happiness (suicide bombers).

Okay, what about – mothers. Mothers bring life into this world and create life. So is the child a child of the mother? If so, then technically – a son is a mother’s child. Therefore as long as the son lives and propogates, the mother is alive as well. The mother’s genes (which belonged to her) are being passed on. Therefore a part of her is in her son, and so on and so forth for grandsons. Thus we’re all a part of the first humans/monkeys/fishes/lizards/single-celled organisms that came up. Because their DNA is in us, somewhere or another via evolution. This is how you start to understand yourself.

Our environment also has driven our nutrition, mood, and lifestyle. Hence, the universe in general is also a part of us, or a part of the universe is inside of us when we breathe in. Thus, we as us are as much a part of the other (the universe). Hence, self and other are linked. The self is only defined for practicality as the opposite of the other, but it is interlinked. You are intrinsically linked with everyone and everything, atomically, genetically, nutritionally, universally. Now when you think from this perspective, your life is suddenly more freer and more relaxed. You realize that people can be assholes and dicks to you, but it is only because of their environment, and their emotional response to that environment. They did not choose as a (self) to commit crime against the (other). Noone chooses to be a bad person, it is only a fear response or a greed response. That is all. Understanding them is as much as a part of understanding yourself.

Once you see this, you realize that everyone’s the same and we’re all in the same boat. Jail cells would be structured differently, if everyone realizes this. Schools too. Governments as well. We’re all same, same. This is the Self. This is the journey the self takes and this is the stepping stone to realizing other greater things in life. Imagine a child is hurt on the road, and its parent come rushing in to help it out. Now imagine if it was a bystander, would they help? If they were connected to everyone and everything, continued on regardless¬†of fear of consequences, understood life and its meaning, they would see the bigger picture and outweigh their “rational” brain. They would help. I would help. We all would help. Someone should help. Let that someone be you today.


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