Understanding deep sadness

Dream Feed Sadness

This is merely a dialogue into the mind. The sadness arises from knowing that you can’t solve a problem in your mind, and that you are running away from a certain part of you that can solve everything. Everyone has an evil inside of them that they need to embrace, in order to continue living. No one person can be good forever, just like an oil inside a candle. The oil, regardless of how sticky it may be, is necessary to add scent to life, otherwise the candle blows out in flames. The idea that you are always fighting with yourself, is implanted inside of you by nature. No thought that you have ever had is your own. Thoughts are only manifestations of what you see, hear, read, taste, touch, and sense. Therefore, the creator has created you with only specific thoughts and specific mindsets.

But there could be so much more. Like visible light only accounting for 0.05% of all light that ever existed. You cant see it, but its there. Like the air, and pollution.

Why else would someone go on and on into their own mind, and into their own sadness. Speaking out the mind, brings in light and lightness. Being true to your experience brings inner joy, that is only accomplished when you have no games with yourself. Because games are meant to deceive. That is the inner nature of Poker, Cricket, Football, Life and Death, Romeo and Juliet and the Hangman.

Life in the end, bites you like a Hangman – but only momentarily. After which it is your decision to continue acting like you are burdened by a universe that won’t let you think thoughts beyond what it perceives to be appropriate for you.

You are nothing, and nothingness is you. Everything is you, just like the air meets the water and becomes dust.

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