Uniquely Different

The Real You

Everyone in the world wants to be that. To be uniquely different from everything and everyone, while maintaining resource-positive balance, i.e. money. If there’s no money/value, then there’s no value of uniqueness and/or creativity. So what value does the invaluable bring to you? Something/Nothing? Or everything?

Ask yourself, where did you go wrong and where did you find a thing that thinks all thinks. Thinking – as an act is a wild one, filled with ups, downs, smiles & frowns. But can we really find happiness in creativity and being unique? Imagine if everyone had a unique perspective and shared it with everyone else to spark something new or a diffuse a fuse. Imagine if things did work the way that they were designed to, then we wouldn’t need to use our creativity to invent something new. Thus, rebels thieves and con-artists are doing just that. They are finding solutions to problems, from their own experiences and their own biases. It is thus that inspiration, intuition and integrity co-incide and create a co-populated environment of co-pulatory cops. Policing everything that goes on in the mind and then some.

But why?

Why does the mind require new thoughts, ideas and insights? Because the mind sees problems everywhere, as it is trying to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. Thus problems cause short term pain but when solved cause a neutral outlook or long term pleasure. Problems are an important part of evolution, because it is thus that the brain grows bigger and wilder.



photo credit: A divided land via photopin (license)



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