Violet sentences

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Violent Sentences. And words that never gave up, screams and shouts. Well the thing is Sir Lancelot, there isnt a greater thing to this thing that creates itself, better of words and better of sounds. I like to enjoy this life and so should you. You shouldn’t be like a victim into this world and into this greatest thing that ever existed and ever will exist. It sees itself as it is received as itself. Art in simplicity and art into being beleiverish. A raging alcholhic is as beautiful as a harp pianist. Its music. Music that rages and music for the sages.

Anger, violence, lust, compassion, its all in the end like mush. Mush that makes no sense after a while. Find a video that you’re not interested in and you’ll skip to the end, find osmehting you love and you’ll enjoy the journey even more.

But you see, you can still enjoy very nicely in a world where all you see is danger and neitches.

photo credit: zbigphotography (1M+ views) via photopin cc



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