Waking Up

What do we need when we want to wake up. We know instinctively that this is not where I want to be, and where “I” wants to be is a scary place. So we want to wake up from this dichotomy or either here or there. We want to be free from this place and discover new and novel solutions to our mundane problems. Waking up to the truth and uncover something we didn’t know about ourselves or the universe. We don;t know anything and we claim to be from a place where aren’t anymore. We want to be free like birds, but when we become birds we don’t know that life was pretty much the same.

Its the centipede that climbs atop that mountain and mellows down after a long day’s work and says “I climbed all this way up with my 100 legs, but I tire out my feet with a bit of weed and smoke it till I achieve relaxation and rest”. The weed is the culprit? Or is stress the culprit? The desire to wake up is the culprit or the stress of life induces your desire – the culprit?

We need to stop asking why we want to wake up and instead ask how we want to wake up. Ask people how they’d like to wake up, and you get crickets. People assume that silence and calmness is the way to be free and others would dream of a loving open and loud environment.

Different heavens, different souls. The one that’s nice is the one that’s sold.

We can’t wake up because we are up. We are here. We are now. We are the stories told upside-down.

We are the things that smile, sublime. We are the things that shine on the inside.

There aren’t things that you need to achieve, nor are there things you want to see with your eyes and ears. There are experiences with the experiencer experiencing it. Dancing along, sometimes alive, sometimes with the lights off.



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