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Who wants it today? Noone? Ok. Who would have thought about it today.

Because consider it from this perspective – if change gets you then who are you in the first place? What do you believe in? – That’s the problem. People take their opinions too seriously. Imagine tomorrow Gravity was replaced by a different concept. That won’t affect you. But imagine someone told you that God didn’t exist – it would blow your mind!! But from a practical perspective and an economical perspective the equations of gravity are more important. Because Science is Science regardless of God’s existence or not.

See, change is something that is universal but is left unseen – its better that way for our survival. Otherwise we’d constantly be thinking and thinking and expecting change. OH WAIT – we go to movies to see changing images and stories, we watch tv shows and news media that shows how the world is changing everyday. But see it from this angle – we see everything as changing forever. We just don’t acknowledge it. We live with it, until change becomes non-change. I.e. change becomes so universal and consistent that it becomes the opposite of change.

Therefore, for change to truly be change, there must be moments where you feel change, and others when you feel no-change. It is here that you feel that you feel that you can pick your own destiny of choosing to change or not choosing to do so. When the choice is clear, the options fade and the road is straight ahead into the wild, wild west. When there’s no road, then there’s no reason to walk on. You simply fly.



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