What is at the end of thinking?

Think about it. See, how we keep thinking? Sometimes for practical purposes, or out of boredom. We stop from thinking freely, other times we push ourselves to think freely. We take breaks until it breaks our minds. Now, what is at the end of all thinking? – A burst of a new thought or a conclusion. But what’s the purpose of conclusions? We all die in the end, and we all will either live on forever or get destroyed by a giant meteor. Our purpose to think is to figure things out.

We want to figure out why God made us, how telephones work, why the moon rises from the east, and the sun sets on the feast. Why danger looms forever, and we almost see it never. When our fears come out alive, where will we eat?

But you see, there is something at the end of thought. It is no-thought. Silence. But this silence is not a removal of all thought. It is the sudden realization that thought or no-thought – both states are fine and not fine. Both have their place. We give way too much emphasis to ourselves and our egos, and we end up losing the battle half the time against the mind. See why? We create the battle and we try to end it. Poor us. So un-unique.

Every thought is defeatable. And every moment is seizable. When thoughts and moments fade, you see the rivers plain. When they are alive, you sometimes see the lies.

That’s the end of all thoughts. Thought and no-thought.


photo credit: pondering the depths of God via photopin (license)

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2 Comments to What is at the end of thinking?

  1. Hi,

    I read your blog and would like to thank you for the insightful words.

    So, knowing the ‘nothingness’ how would you prefer to spend the lifetime going along the drama?

    • Hey DS,

      Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate that.

      Knowing the nothingness (or void) goes along with knowing the somethingness (the thing, the experience, or the drama). Therefore, admitting to know the nothingness is like admitting to know the drama. We can only make claim to know things for sure, because we don’t have all data points in the universe.

      Having said that, there is one sure shot way of seeping thru the drama. Its self-expressions. When you spot a game, there’s two things on your mind. You either play or you point out the stupidity of it. When you ignore it, you call it a drama and allow it to continue onwards. When you don’t express the stupidity of the game, you feel depressed and feel like life is going on without you.

      Since I and you, know that its all a drama we can live with choice (ignoring drama or participating in it), or we have no choice (a strong government agenda/dictatorship drama). It is thus that we have the ultimate choice to choose – choice and no choice. 🙂 You go on – sometimes as an active observer, sometimes as a participator, and other times you simply enjoy the present moment.

      Once you know this, you jump to the next question, which is how do I solve drama? – Which leads one to a whole set of different thoughts and insights.

      Hope this helped DS. Shoot me another comment/email at i@sanchitkhera.com, if you want to talk more/ have another thought on this.

      Cheers –