What is creativity?

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Now what is creativity and why does it matter so much that we have it? We need it, today tomorrow and in the near future, to help us out. Help us from problems that we have created or nature has created, or nature has created inside of us. We need out of this box. But we created this box in the first place. We created these limitations inside of us, and suffocated ourselves into believing that we are all that there is, and that there isn’t anything else that is on the outside of pain. We see, we receive and we perceive, and that is how we keep going on and on into the wild of our mind.

Creativity is simply solving a problem in a way that uses knowledge and experience, coupled with insights from what we perceive. We can get creative even in our dreams, when we solve a problem of “boredom” by flying, stripping, fucking, loving, people things beings and animals. We go on adventures, and we fight warriors until we get tired. Kids do that. Kids chase invisible monsters with visible swords. They pee on walls to create art, and they experiment with clay by eating it and then studying the results of it.

Creativity is your way out, but sometimes you so hard – want to believe that your preconceived notions are true, you forget the reason why you step into your solution in the first place. You form theories and you create revelations inside your mind, by being it over and over again, you lose track of who you are and where you’re being.

Its a spark. zzzzzzt. Its a sudden glimpse into a better future, a better life and a better society.

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