What is the purpose of your everyday living


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Why do you live and breathe? Why do you do the things you do within yourself? Why do you have to do something and want to do something? Now, how about nothing. Do you do nothing? How often do you do nothing? If you’re looking for answers and can’t find it in something, then try nothing. If you’re looking to escape and run, then I suggest you check out nothing. In nothing, you can be everything.

See, often we think and interact with the world with a layer on top of ourselves. When we talk to each other, we put on a layer that talks to that person. And we make last minute dances and decisions to say certain things and not say others. We pretend to feel an emotion, and we entertain ourselves and others while in this rag and that cover our heads with.

Now, why? Why can’t you just be yourself and take the risk of doing it?

Why do you hide?

Why does your purpose intend to only please everyone?

Why does your interaction with the universe limited to being a “thing” that “things”?

And then people complain that they feel emotionally drained after talking to other people. Reason is, your rag isn’t reaching your riches. You’re still pretending. Remove the rag, and be yourself deep down the pleasurable self

photo credit: Purposeful stroll via photopin (license)



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