What is Zen Buddhism?

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Zen Buddhism

This is only my interpretation from listening to some masters of the art of Zen buddhism, and questioning time and again about what Zen Buddhism is all about, and why it affects so much of our art, culture and heritage. Buddhism is a form of Hinduism, after all. Then What is Zen Buddhism?


Or doing without doing is one of the more key ideas in zen buddhism. It is the idea that your brain is faster than you think, and so it already has played out all events in your decision. It simply stops at a place, either because of fear, or anger or jealousy. You need to push beyond that fear to enter the other side of things. You need to do without doing, and simply go-go, without being second doubty about it.
Za-Zen, or sitting zen is the more diluted form of zen practises. Many scholars believe that za zen is a better form, but I leave it up to you to decide what flavour of buddhism you prefer.

I am not a Buddhist or a Zen guru, and neither will I ever claim to be one, because being one is all about not being stuck to being one.

A master once looked upon his soldiers and said, “You I praise until thou has done my bidding.” – You don’t want to get stuck in that trap of finding a wicked master.

Being one

This philosophy of being one, implies that everyone and everything is one. Atoms, people, the big bang – all started from a single point, implying that you’re all one. This is essential to the teachings of Zen.

Being perfect – In Zen Buddhism, no body needs to change anything about themselves. Nobody needs to control anger or force love, because everyone has adapted to their surroundings just-enough to have a good life. Even if you’re a lying cheat, you’ve done so because you aren’t allowed to fully be at peace with yourself.

God is You

The idea that God is not in the clouds, but actually us. This idea is immensely popular in old Hindu preachings, and also in Buddhist belief systems. A universe that involves the creator participating in it, call it “Raam Leela – Leela meaning play or game”, or call it Ramayana – The story of Ram, all implies that God is us playing the many masks of human beings. Why, you ask? Why not? This theoretical model makes a lot of sense, when you consider how you spend endless nights praying to something that never responds to you, and creates the stress of a lack of response back onto you.

Life is a Game(or a play) – I have to add (or a play) because the word Game is not marketable, because of its multiple negative connotations. However, look at the multiple hypocrisies, and idiotic traps that the mind falls into. A camel dies of dehydration and a wooly mammoth tramples over its own kids? It could all imply that life has no inherent meaning and that it is all a game. Some people also believe that life is a simulation inside a simulation, inside a simulation and so on and so forth. That is another answer to “what is zen buddhism?”


The true Buddha, or the truth in waking up, is all about not leaving this plane of existence but rejoicing in it completely. Zen Buddhism is all about that. Letting the mind stay on this earth, because it knows fully well that all games must have an end – otherwise its madness. In case it is madness, then you wouldn’t have a way out of it anyways. A true Buddha reincarnates time and again and helps trapped people. However, if we consider the fact that we’re all one. Then technically, a buddha is helping himself to escape the universe – by talking to other people. Hence, this creates a singularity of which there arises a duality. Hence, everyone must already be enlightened, and that there is no need for a Boddhisattva to enlighten people anyways.  A boddhisattva is only there to please his mind, and to pass the time. He sees suffering and knows deep down that suffering is bad, and he helps people out of it. That is all. He can never offer you a ticket out of this universe.


Everything is light and dark, night and day, dark and light, love and hate, hunger and gluttony, and so on and so forth. Everything has an opposite in zen buddhism. We get stuck in these opposites because of our egos that burn us from the inside. We dont need to have these opposites rule our lives, and hence we follow MadhyaMika – made famous by Nagarjuna. The philosophy of the middle way. Follow the middle way, because you cant afford to extremely loving and also extremely hateful. There is no “only” happiness and sorrow, there is both.

The man above is Alan Watts, the most renowned writer and overall good guy in the whole point of cosmic flash.




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