What’s your big idea?

Dream Feed

What makes you itch? What makes you human and inhumane against your own laziness?

The medium is the message. You are it. You have the power to do whatever you want to do, and doing it will give you immense happiness. You are unique and you are unbound in your own self. You can sense, touch, taste, and feel victory. You have it in you to do it, and do it bigger than anyone’s ever seen it.

Just, don’t have expectations. If its something that you really want to do, you’ll have unreasonable expectations to attain the rewards today. Sometimes it takes time to attain rewards, sometimes it takes years to see your idea flourish. Will that deter you? If it does, then you are obsessed with the reward rather than the idea itself. You want the money and the fame rather than creating a better world for yourself and your loved ones. What is your big idea for being here? Do you want to wipe pollution or provide better healthcare or do you like to visit the morgue on the weekends. Whatever it is you like to do, someone somewhere will pay you for it. And then you can truly balance fear with profit.

photo credit: Elsa Kurppa via photopin cc



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