What’s your kryptonite

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What makes you weak? What makes you lazy? Find it and end it. Soon you’ll realize that you’re endless. You’re limitless. You define your boundaries when you see challenges ahead of you. You find them and then end them one-by-one.

But sometimes you find your kryptonite and you feel like curling up in your bed and being as small as possible. You want to exist without bothering yourself or anyone around you while you waste away time spent on your couch. You need a plan, but you are waiting till you feel that the moment is right. Or when your brain has solved its problems. Or even when you are “motivated” to do it. After all, if you don’t feel like doing something you shouldn’t do it, correct?

These are thoughts. Thoughts after thoughts after thoughts. And unless we find a solution to these thoughts, we don’t deserve to move on and live? – What a funny game. We need to solve a problem in our live and only then can we move on and live. We can’t freely be ok with living a life that revolves around being stuck. Why?

We can be someone or something that finds a solution. See, the trick with motivation is that – we wait for it. Don’t wait for it. Waiting for it is like a challenge to yourself. Its like an experiment in which you can keep pounding yourself down and de-motivate yourself to not be motivated to do anything. Its like your mind has created a problem and you have to solve it. Skip the wait for motivation and just do it. You’ll love it. Trust me. And yourself.

photo credit: Johnson Cameraface via photopin cc



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