What’s the status?

Dream Feed

What’s your status? Why are you here? What do you want to do in life? What do you do in life today that will create a better you, tomorrow?

Where is the life-span of generations that occurred before you? Where is the belief that made you who you are and who you aren’t? Where is it? Why is it hidden? And why do you hide deeper and deeper into this void that has become you.

Where is it? Find it. Find that status. Because eventually, that status will find you. A new you. A you-nique you. A you that’s better than art. A you that’s insync with everything. You. A you. All yous.For when there are multiple yous inside of you, then you must understand where the limitation is occuring from. Where are you hiding yourself and where are you expressing yourself.

photo credit: STATUScinematica via photopin cc



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