What’s the ultimate religion? Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism?

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Same parent. Different freckles. All same religion, with children running around in circles – sometimes to the left, other times to the right.

Imagine an ant and imagine a human. If Jainism is a human and hinduism is an ant, does that not make everything atoms and atoms? We’re all in the same experience together – all atoms floating around trying to find the perfect meaning of life. Looking at religion to help us out in our journey. Documenting everything we experience and leaving out nothing as we go on. But can the off-shoots of something, just be the same thing (in disguise)? If the truth is the same, then does the separation imply separation forever? Or does it imply that the child looks like the mother, but the child and the mother are the same in the most elementary level. All religions are exactly the same in its most rawest forms, but confused due to translation and transactions. No one thing is the ultimate thing, because that’s a ridiculous proposition. What would be the purpose of this ultimate religion? To follow Gods will? To explain all our desired answers? – And then what? We all disappear? Nice. I think i’ll pass on that. Let me enjoy this universe a bit more and then I’ll choose to disappear spontaneously.


photo credit: Santa Teresa de Jesús y San Juan de la Cruz_El Encuentro_87 via photopin (license)



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