This is whats wrong with you

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Nothing! Nothing is wrong with you. Why do you keep on telling yourself that there is something off or something wrong or something that makes you crazy. There is nothing. No one and no thing. When you feel like yourself and you feel like greeting people for who they are, you are done. You are it. When you don’t become it, you aren’t it. There is a thing that becomes inside of you and says “Hey there! I am not that. I am a different thing and a different being.” When you don’t behave yourself you decide to find yourself. You try and try yourbest but you can’t find it. You are lost and so is everything that you decide to see with your eyes and ears. You don’t know who you are anymore. You haven’t eaten. Maybe eating will help, maybe you need to monitor your nutrition. Oooooooh.

Nope. Didn’t help. Ok, what else can we do? How about exercise. 2 hours later – Nope I still feel the same. I’m as lost as everyone and everything and I feel no pain and no emotion. I am wrong.

Well then, we’ve reached a place of no return.

– What do you mean?

What if you are everything and you are God?

– Wait, what? But I don’t feel it.

What if negative emotions and positive emotions are just ebbs and flows of the river and we are here for entertainment?

– Sounds like an interesting theory but how do you prove it?

Exactly. How could you prove it? If God doesn’t want to be found out or discovered then he/she/it will try his best to hide himself and never allow himself to discover the game.

– Whats happens when he does find out himself, and we all do believe that we’re God?

Don’t know. But either the game continues or life ends. Eitherway, we go someplace that doesn’t make sense to us. You see, everything you think and see and experience has been given to you. And if you find everything WRONG, including yourself, this means that there might be a place where you go – which may or may not be right or wrong. But see, we here on earth can never imagine what that place could be. Therefore this is our limitation.

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