When something is clearly within my reach, I lose the urge to go get it. How do I get rid of this problem?

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Q. For eg. When I know that a girl is way out of my league, I am more inclined to chase her than a girl who has clearly fallen for me.

Another example is that when I clearly know that I can solve a problem on my homework in an hour when it’s due a week from now, I simply delay it until the last moment. But then I will fuss over a problem that I clearly know I cannot solve.

A. Say no to things that distract you. Its simply a question of guiding your attention towards a focused activity. Say no for a single instant to a single thing. Miami Heat’s head coach Eric says “focus guys” all the damn time. Because its a reminder to tell his players to forget all the other distractions and say no to them.

Or try saying yes to everything that comes into your mind, but have the guts to move on from your distractions when a single sliver of a doubt creeps in and tells you to start working on what you have to get done


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