Why are attractive girls so oblivious?

The Real You

Q. It seems like the attractive girls at my school (not necessarily popular) are more oblivious than the other girls. They don’t notice that much going on around them. There could be rumors about them going around school and they don’t even notice people staring and talking about them. It’s like they don’t even hear themselves being talked about. Like someone could be right next to them whispering to another person about them or staring at them in a negative manner and they wouldn’t notice what is going on?

A. A fun game that gives them purpose.

“A reason to start over now, and the reason is you!” Hoobastank

“Your body is a wonderland” John Meyer

People singing songs about pretty chicks since the beginning of time. Pretty chicks, they be loving it.

Its a trap, its a game, its a mental mind frame



photo credit: Len Radin via photopin cc



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