Why did God create us?

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Now, let me get the boring and almost ignorant suppositions out of the way. No, God didn’t create us for a “purpose”, or create us to do His bidding, or even create us to follow a path. All of these things revolve around assumptions that our Human brain makes by looking at Human tendencies and desires. That is all.

No, I’m looking for suppositions and assumptions around the rules of the game of life and that of the universe. I will attempt to do it with as little science as possible, I promise.

Some Facts/Ideas that appear as facts –

A) God has given us curiosity, and has given us plenty of things to uncover.

B) God doesn’t show his face, explicitly as God, to everyone on a daily basis.

C) Hamburgers.

Now, why C)? Hamburgers involve us killing cows and eating them between grains that are created into bread. The protein is great and it keeps us alive. Heck, even vegetarians eat bacteria when they breathe in. So now, this is a puzzle to solve. Does God want us to kill and destroy for food, but not for entertainment (like a murderer)? Why is that? Infact why do we eat things any ways? Why do we sleep? All of these things make sense, if you want someone or something to do something without his permission – but don’t explicitly state that his permission is taken. Kinda like a slave. See, if God wanted us to do something – he would force us to do it everyday and as much as possible ( work or God’s work), and then enjoy a few hours of horsing around (play), and then a deep stopping of the experience (sleep). This variation ensures that the Human is kept engaged. But God created this Human! So why create the desire for variation in the first place? This theory falls flat here.

Now, lets move on to A). I love the idea that God is in hiding, but has made it curious enough for us to find him. How will a person in a Coma find God, if everyday humans can’t find him? God’s rules seem to be flexible and shady. So God, isn’t hiding in the clouds waiting for us to discover Him.

Now, lets focus on divine revelation. The idea that God sends a messiah to sort things out (Christ, Vishnu, Mohammad). Why does God create the rules of violence in the first place, and then send a mechanic to fix things? That makes no sense.

You see, how quickly the idea that “God is watching us or judging us” starts to quickly fade away?

Now, consider that God is Us. We are all God, where God is enjoying the thrills of everyday experience by living it through us. It sounds like science-fiction, but then again – a man that we’ve never seen existing above the clouds, sounds a whole lot more fiction to me. Nobody appears to be watching us here, we’re watching out for ourselves in this theory called – Simulation Theory. But take it further than that. Why is God enjoying the thrills through us? Is he bored? Is he stressed from his own plane of existence?

These questions make you wonder about the “personality” of God. But consider this always, your thoughts and your questions were given to you, and not a lot of people consider this daily. Infact, there is no evidence that cats and ants think about this ever. So we’re 0.0000001% of life on this earth, and we think about God. It seems like another game.

Therefore, in the end there is only silence, when you finally realize that all questions are meaningless and can be dropped down to their most basic levels and beaten to death with curiosity. This is when you can breathe out. Silence accepts all propositions and imposes little thought on it that is beyond its conception. Everything beyond conception is mystery and fairy-tales which are very entertaining indeed. But fairy-tales in the end.

photo credit: 25 января 2014, День российских студентов в Санкт-Петербурге / 25 January 2014, Russian Students Day in Saint-Petersburg via photopin (license)



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