Why do questions keep popping up in your head?

Because you need answers! You desire them to no end. You want to share like and comment on thoughts that keep popping in your head. But what’s the ultimate conclusion to this thinking. Imagine that you’ve answered every question in your mind, and you’re now in the balance of life and death. You’ll question death until you die and then you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet of eternity. But wait! What if you come back again. And now you have to start all over again. Commercialism and sustainability have survived, but there you go – you have to start all over again. Now thoughts are simply options. You pick one and then proceed with it until you are bored or are done experimenting with it.

Take a thought of approaching a new business or a new client. You get an insight that they are hiring people in the field that you are an expert in. You can either assume that the client desires your services, or will already satisfy them with the new joinee. But either position will not deter you from approaching that new lead, because you have to take the risk regardless. The pains of the risk is that you may have lost out on the other option – another lead opening up. Its the mentality of a financial investor.

See, but this game is all about short-term returns. Quick money and then a vacation in Hawaii. You’d rather play the long game and really enjoy your life and money. Making it – takes time, so enjoy it.

So now, think about it like this. You will keep having thoughts in your mind. And after a while, you give up on your thoughts. You build towers of assumptions and hypothesises and then you break them one by one, only to build them up again. Certain truths keep popping up and you find yourself blinded by the number of things you can say and the number of things you couldn’t. But think about it like this – in the end of all thoughts it silence. When you’ve finally solved all your thoughts and your brain doesn’t bother you anymore. So why wait till you actually solve all your problems – reach silence right now. But ofcourse, convincing your brain to do something it doesn’t want to do is difficult. Like dealing with a 6 year old child.

So how do we get peace of mind and eventually solve problems in your head?

– Do we even need to, in the first place?

photo credit: books is power via photopin (license)



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