Why do we surround some people in our lives with halo?

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Q. Why do we assign elevated status to some people?

sample cases:
sample case 1:
A person sees, his friend is using him, but he considers that he is good person[because of halo effect, objectively speaking, he is not a good person], and allows him to continue, even he knows it is wrong.

sample case 2:
A lover sees that his partner is acting selfishly, but she thinks that he is good guy[because of halo effect], although she knows he is doing wrong, and it is not in her best interest even to continue the relationship.

What psychological fallacy is behind this?

A. No fallacy. Just entertainment. The mind needs traps just like a mouse needs to nibble. The cheese is what you make of it. It comes in various forms similar to the houses down the street and up the bungalow facing west. I will inherit the land that speaks to us all, and down will the rain pour like a harlem road to the unending brick kiln.

The answer of course is in being entertained in something else. A guitar or a book. Or maybe a marriage.


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