When the feeling of love can’t be sustained for long

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When we enter the world of love, inner love and outer love, we face multiple challenges to finding various solutions to problems in the mind. We try to go back into love, with ourselves and others. It withers.

So we stop and say – I’m going to make a change in my life. I’m going to become a better lover. A lover of myself, life and all things good and beautiful. I want to love and live, instead of shying away and showing the way. We are all one thing beating inside a larger thing, where there aren’t many things.

But then fear comes in. Fear that you will be rejected, or that love isn’t all that fun, or even when we find ourselves and becoming a greater thing that is beyond our years. We love, we live, and we aren’t a thing anymore. We are a work in progress, forever. For the rest of our lives. We become things that aren’t functioning anymore. We are just being, on and on and on and on

Here’s when we’re lost.

Nowhere to find ourselves forever. Our future is bleak and we can’t do anything else beyond ourselves.

We distract ourselves until we find ourselves again. We become a label and a right, when we don’t know who we are anymore. We are universally coherent. We are now broken. We use Facebook to get a small boost of information that’s different and a small distraction that makes us feel secure.

We HAVE to do things, we NEED to have it, we HAVE to HAVE to fix ourselves. We are always finding something to do. We’re just waiting for that thing to come to us. We, otherwise, don’t know where we are or where we go. We’re all wrapped in fiber and are a giant sculpture inside a city plaza




photo credit: El universo te ama via photopin (license)



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