Work hard or work with love?

What would you choose? If you’re responsible for people or projects to get done, then do you go into alpha-mode and get everything done with efficiency and speed? Or do you aim to love your job and slow down and begin to enjoy the process of it all. It all depends on how the organization is focused.

If the organization is focused on driving maximum value for itself (the shareholders/CEO), then its pointless to work harder on projects, as the majority of the value of your work goes directly to the pockets of the owners.  So what makes you valuable in the organization; a skill or a factor that will make you more money? Love? Can love actually make you uniquely positioned in the company or project you’re working in? Can talking, thinking and acting with love make you more of an asset in the organization?

Potentially, yes. It can drive networks towards you, because you are more loving and open to various people. Which in turn, gives you more jobs and positive vibes when senior management talks about you to the owners. When the owners ask – who do we hire to manage 200+ employees, its going to be the more loving and socially acceptable guy/gal who gets a leg up over the person that works hard but doesn’t enjoy his work.

Working under someone who doesn’t enjoy his/her work, is difficult because that person will push others into doing the things their way or a certain way that “gets the best job done” which leaves out space for any other thought or any other feeling. That kind of a mentality makes the office environment anxious, schizophrenic and shifty, because now everyone’s looking at the weakest link in the chain in order to improve processes.

Ask yourself this – would you recommend your company to anyone else to join/to work with? If there was a slight hesitation before answering the question then you’re quacks in the pond swimming from one end to another, without love, care, affection and pure joy that comes from doing what you love.

Now, when you love what you do, or vice-versa, you do the work you love, you can do it at full speed, because thoughts proceed thoughts, or even slow down a bit and truly enjoy the actual goings-on of the gig. When you’re a musician you can feel your fingers strolling down the fret-board. When you’re a financial analyst you can truly admire the fiscal balance of the company you’re auditing. The idea of competition fades slowly, and the love for artistry at work starts to pour in. That’s when you’ve done a good job, and done a job where you’re proud to have your kids come and work in as well.

Its not about survival anymore. Its about love+life.



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