The worries of nature

Dream Feed

Quite often a question can be asked of nature as to why it natures the way it does, to which it would reply – a stemmed cell growing faster enough for you to hang on to a cure for your own delightedness. A simple progress to delete all those in favour. A wish list of people sitting in circles, wishing that there is a different hell for those that capture their own senses in a dark recedes of time.

A simpler question can never be asked of those that beleive in themselves and for those that beliefs are themselves. A solvable equation tried and tested to be-stroy those that always believed to be insanely insane inside their own crematorium. A minds demon and a childs playground- all thoughts and one. Beleif in retribution is beleive in imagination’s power to succeed beyond their capacities. What is that will make you stand out.What is it that will create who you is and who you isnt.

photo credit: Pavel P. via photopin cc



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