The ecstasy that is “X”

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There is a lot of ecstasy in the unknown. The X. The unknown variable that has the key to your questions. The unknown that teases and tempts your curiousity. The very thing that pushes to for adventure, for life, or regaining what was lost, for revenge for hurt, for pain and for pleasure. The X.

Life is based on the X. Nobody handed you an instructional manual. Life is unknown, waiting to be figured out.

But if that’s the point of life, i.e. to figure it out, then why? Why go on trying to figure out X. Figure out the X-known?

Because it “feels” natural to do it. Well, natural feeling is different for natural feelers and healers. Natural is a state of mind that hunters feel when they kill, so in a lot of ways – natural is a feeling that someone could get in any or all feelings of action and inaction. Life is that. Life is a whole of unknowns in the mist of the unseen.

The birth of a christ, a messiah, and the death of evil – looks all too interesting to a crowd of captive audiences. Hence the saving that an enlightened knower does, is simply to show that life is made of X. And apart from X, there isnt anything.

You see, you can have a million theories about the universe, and a million things that you tell yourself at night. However, the person doing the thinking and creating these theories is imperfect. Ergo, the observer is unable to observe appropriately. Hence, there is probably going to be something that is greater than all the things that form what you can perceive. The X.

There is a lot of mystery out there in the Universe. The X. It is our lifespan that exists to unconver the X and to find better ways of passing time.

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