You can’t prove what you can’t observe

Dream Feed God

God is unobservable, but is claimed to be observable in the creations of the God. We’re all playing this game here in this world and we are told that there is a creator or producer of the game that’s hidden or can’t be reached via the telephone. Like a celebrity. That’s why God used to be covered in all the latest magazines and newspapers. God saved the Queen but banished all Queens.

Stupid rules, silly games. But we have a brain that can perceive the dissent with rules. So the ruler out of its own magnanimity, decided to give us (the creations) an ability to somewhat objectively identify the rules and say – no. We can play with the rules or choose to not, but we’re still playing. No decision – is a decision. So taking no action and opting out is also a choice parameter when it comes to the God creation. Free will is a ridiculous concept. So is love. But love is a lot more beneficial to people than will. Will you love though?



photo credit: losing soul via photopin (license)



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