What to do when you’re burnt out

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Why are you burnt out? What is it that you wanted to do, and are now completely exhausted of it. What made you itch? Is it the same thing that is making you cringe? If so, then walk away. Walk away from that thing and find a new thing. A new thing that is better suited for you. A new thing that you want to do. What you really really want to do, despite prejudice or fear or shame or rejection. Find that thing and do it, before someone else does and you regret it.

See the idea that you are tired or exhausted is weird. Children play and when they feel tired they sleep. Adults stay up all night because they’ve forgotten the very meaning of working, Work is not just a tool to make money, it is also a tool to keep you happy. Happy with your impact. Happy with your role in society. Otherwise, we have a large group of people that aren’t self-motivated and are only running on the hamster-wheel until their next pay-check arrives. They don’t seek to help people. They only want money, and without the motivation of money, they don’t do anything. See, a company would want that to be the last thing in the organization. It would want its employees to help customers and solve their problems, instead of shying away because of lack of motivation.

Find it. Find that thing that moves you. Find that work that once it works it feels like play to you. Find the spark in life again. Because otherwise, you’re living someone’s elses life. A life that someone else wrote down in a book a long long time ago.


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